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87 by Evelyn LaChapelle

The Weed Lady® Candle

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Ready to get lit? We’ve curated two sensual, cannabis-inspired scents to
create a chill vibe for all of your daily rituals.

Need a mood boost? Going out? Then you'll need our bougie, rose gold SATIVA Candle. With its bright notes of lemon zest, coconut and vanilla this candle will keep the vibes and your spirits high.

Need something to help you chill?  Light up INDICA, your new
candle bestie. Our relaxing fragrance blend has notes of fresh melon, amber and cannabis leaves. You'll feel grounded, even when the stress is higher than you are..

Need both candles? Get our HYBRID candle set and stay ready with SATIVA AND INDICA whenever you need them.

Go ahead, light 'em up!

Did you know you can shop and give back? With every purchase, we will donate 87 cents to support incarcerated women. It's a cause that close to our hearts.